Baby Shark Protocol

Ocean Conservation is our alpha.

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Baby Shark Token is a community driven, audited & secure autonomous DeFi protocol harnessing the power of the classic children’s song featured in Newsweek, Fortune and Bloomberg News.

Protocol Highlights & Milestones

Gili Shark Conservation

Fish reef project

Baby Shark & Baby Swap NFT Collab

Over $40,000 in donations from Baby Shark Token were used to start a school in Indonesia training women to become oceanic divers and scientists.

Baby Shark Token donated over $10,000 to collaborate with Fish Reef Project to build coral reefs around the world.

The Baby Shark & Baby Swap NFT Collaboration sold out in 20 minutes! The NFT's can be staked for 70% APR on!

Keep Swimming and Stay Tuned, Frens.




May 8th 2021

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